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What to look for in an Oklahoma divorce attorney

You probably know that retaining an attorney is essential when going through divorce. People represented by a divorce attorney tend to receive a much higher share of the marital property, have their parental rights treated with more respect in child custody and child support, and generally enjoy faster and smoother divorce proceedings.

Of course, all of this presumes that you have found the right family lawyer for you. There are many divorce lawyers practicing in Oklahoma. How do you choose one you can trust with your divorce?

A good divorce attorney will possess many virtues, but two stand out as the most important: honesty and integrity.


An effective divorce lawyer always tells their client the truth, even if it is bad news. Instead of making unrealistic promises they cannot deliver on or sugarcoating the facts, a good divorce attorney knows their client needs to fully understand their situation to make intelligent choices about their case. They explain the process, answer all their client’s questions, and always respond promptly to phone messages and emails.


Every attorney should act with integrity no matter what area of law they practice or whom they represent. This is certainly true of divorce lawyers. You rely on your attorney’s dedication to your case and duty to provide you the best representation they can. Doing the proper legal research, examining the evidence, developing an appropriate strategy based on the law and your needs, and representing your interests in negotiations and in court are essential to producing a fair outcome.

You often cannot tell if a divorce attorney will be a good match for you until you meet them. Most family lawyers offer free initial consultations, both to give you general information about divorce and to give you a chance to get to know them a bit.