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The Challenges of Tax Law

Tax law is one of the most complicated subjects within the field of law. Fortunately, the seasoned attorneys at Green Country Law Group are both knowledgeable and experienced in this practice area. That includes the benefit of a Managing Attorney with a Masters of Law in Taxation and decades of experience in tax, finance, and accounting prior to becoming an attorney.  

Whatever your tax law needs may be, we can help you accomplish your goals.  


Tax Appeals

In some cases, the state or the IRS may make unfair decisions that impact you in a negative way. When you are involved in a dispute with one of these taxing agencies, our lawyers can provide the guidance you need to build the strongest case possible and maximize your chances of a good outcome.  


Audit Representation  

No one wants to face an IRS audit, but it is sometimes unavoidable. If your tax returns are being audited, our firm is here to help. Let us put our decades of experience to work on your behalf.  


Installment Agreements

An installment agreement is a tax relief option that allows you to pay your tax debts over time in monthly installments. If you are interested in this option, Green Country Law Group can help you work toward a fair agreement.  


Penalty Abatements

When you have unpaid tax debts, you will likely accumulate penalties and interest on top of the base amount. In some cases, our tax lawyers may be able to help you reduce or eliminate some of these extra fees.  


Oklahoma State Representation

Every state has different tax laws, procedures and regulations. Our tax attorneys have advanced knowledge about all types of tax situations, including property (ad valorem) tax, excise tax, sales tax and income tax. We can help you navigate any state tax issue you may face.  


Tax Court Representation

Our attorneys are ready to represent you in tax court. We are not afraid of litigation, and we are always up-to-date on the latest laws and procedures.  


Tax Return Preparation

The preparation of both business and personal taxes can quickly become complex, and making even small mistakes can lead to stress and financial loss. Green Country Law Group can prepare tax returns for even the most complicated situations, ensuring full compliance while also minimizing the amount of tax paid.  


Wage Levies or Garnishments  

When you have unpaid tax debts, the federal or state government may try to collect from you by garnishing your bank account and/or taking money directly from your paycheck. If you are in this situation, Green Country Law Group can help you seek relief.  


Tax Law Controversy 

Tax laws are known for their complexity, and they also change on a regular basis. If you are dealing with a tax law controversy or dispute, our firm can help you pursue a fair resolution.  


Get Help with Your Tax Law Concerns

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