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Last Will and Testament

Regardless of the size of your Estate, a Will is a powerful legal tool for accomplishing your wishes. Our attorneys can help you put into place a carefully constructed Last Will and Testament to ensure that your instructions are accurately recorded and carried out exactly as desired. 

The Benefits of a Will

A Will is a foundational part of an Estate Plan. When you have a Will, your loved ones won’t have to guess at your wishes for how you want your property distributed. Likewise, a Will is an important tool for designating a Guardian for your Minor Children. 

A Will can provide you with tremendous peace of mind. You can rest-assured that you have a solid and effective legal instrument in place to address your property and other important concerns. 

How a Will Works

A Will functions by: 

  • Identifying your Personal Representative or Executor to administer your Estate
  • Identifying your Heirs: Spouse, Children, etc.
  • Identifying your Assets and how you want them distributed
  • Nominating a Guardian for your Minor Children
  • Creating a Trust, if appropriate

Additionally, to be legally valid, your Will must comply with certain requirements such as being witnessed by two people. 

After the death of the person who made the Will, the document must be validated in Court through the Probate process. 

Changing Your Will

Over time, your Estate Planning needs and goals may change. You may get married (or divorced), acquire new property, have children, or undergo any number of milestones. When these changes come, our team can help you make the necessary changes to your Will and other Estate Planning tools. 

You should also revisit your Will every few years to ensure that it’s accurate and up-to-date. Our attorneys can review your existing Estate Plan regardless of where it was originally drafted and make changes, as appropriate. 

Start Drafting or Updating Your Will

Our attorneys would love to help you address all your Estate Planning concerns, including Wills and Living Wills (Advance Directives). Please contact our offices in Tahlequah or Muskogee today to learn more or to make an appointment. Call 918-456-6113. We proudly serve clients throughout the state of Oklahoma.