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Tribal Law Representation  

Much of Oklahoma has been defined as Indian Country through recent Court rulings.  Most tribes have their own sovereign governments, including their own Courts. Not all lawyers are qualified or admitted to those Courts to offer you representation.  

At Green Country Law Group, our attorneys handle Tribal Court matters in the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminole) Courts. We are proud to have a member of the Cherokee Nation as our Managing Partner Attorney, as well as a member of the Creek Nation as another Partner Attorney.  

If you need help with any Tribal Court matter, you will find yourself in good hands at our firm. We provide diligent legal services rooted in honesty and integrity.

Understanding the Tribal Court System

Tribal Court systems are separate from the State and Federal legal systems. Each Tribal Nation has its own laws, constitution, law enforcement, courts and judges.  

Generally speaking, Tribal Courts have jurisdiction (authority) over: 

  • Tribal Members residing on their Tribal Land 
  • Nontribal members residing or visiting Tribal Land

Oklahoma is home to 38 sovereign Tribal Nations. There are 22 Tribal Courts across the State.  


Can the Oklahoma State Government Prosecute Tribal Members for Crimes Committed on Tribal Land?

No. As recognized in a recent U.S. Supreme Court case – McGirt v. Oklahoma* – Oklahoma  

State prosecutors don’t have jurisdiction to charge Tribal Members for violations of State law, including criminal laws, committed on Tribal Lands.  

However, the Federal government can still prosecute Tribal Members for certain crimes under a law called the Major Crimes Act. Our lawyers also represent clients in Federal Courts. 

Can Any Attorney Represent You in Tribal Court?

No. Generally, a lawyer must be a be admitted to the court of the specific Tribal Nation. They must be familiar with the unique laws, courts and procedures of that tribe’s government.  


Most Common Tribal Court Matters

Tribal Court cases often involve:  

 We can help you with any of these cases.  


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For guidance on any tribal law matter, please reach out to our firm online or by phone at 918-456-6113. We have convenient offices in Tahlequah and Muskogee and serve clients across Oklahoma Indian Country. 

 *McGirt v. Oklahoma, No. 18–9526, 140 S. Ct. 2452 (2020).