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When a person passes with certain value of personal property, or any real property (home or land), a Probate is required. Having legal advice from a qualified professional is essential in dealing with the requirements for a Probate. At Green Country Law Group, we understand how difficult and complicated this time can be, and we the expertise to handle any size Probate Estate or any issue that may arise during that process. 

Legal Assistance in a Time of Grief  

Losing someone you love is already overwhelming on its own, both emotionally and financially. Adding the stress of dealing with Estate and Probate matters only makes this time more challenging.  

Our Probate lawyers are both experienced and compassionate. We will guide you gently through every step of the Probate process so you can close this chapter of your life and move on while also fulfilling your loved one’s final wishes.  


When is Probate Required?  

Probate is typically required anytime someone dies and leaves property behind, whether or not the individual had a Will. If your loved one died with a Will, the Probate process will begin with the validation of the Will in Court. If there is no Will, the Court must still appoint someone to oversee the processing of the Estate. Failing to follow these procedures can lead to legal problems, so it is important to seek guidance from a skilled Probate attorney. Distributing the assets without court authority can subject you to penalties and legal fees, so contact us to do it right and avoid those costly mistakes. 

What is Probate?  

Probate is a Court-supervised process to ensure that a deceased person’s assets are used to pay lawful debts, taxes, and ultimately distributions to the heirs or persons named in a Will. During the process, creditors, heirs of the deceased person, and any persons named in a Will (if one exists) must be notified. The deceased person’s lawful debts will be paid, and their remaining property will be distributed in accordance with the Law or a proper Will. 


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Our attorneys have experience with all types of Probate Estates, from small Estates with no Will to the most complex, and highly contested matters. We also handle tax concerns related to Estate matters.  

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